January 24, 2019
Jenna Jameson Shows Off 80-Pound Weight Loss In A Neon Bikini Thanks To The Keto Diet

Jenna Jameson is flaunting her 80-pound weight loss in a tiny neon bikini. Per Daily Mail, the reality star proudly showed some skin in a new snap posted to her Instagram account on January 23 as she praised the Keto diet for helping her to drop the very impressive amount of weight after 10 months following the diet plan.

Jameson's multiple tattoos were on full display in the new photo while she also revealed her toned tummy for the world to see in her bright green two-piece, which featured a fun chain design on the bottoms across her hips.

The top also matched with a chain link on the strap, while Jenna accessorized her bikini look with a bandana tied around her head.

In the caption of the snap, she praised the Keto diet plan for helping her get down to her goal weight while also calling out the critics of the eating plan which has been hitting the headlines all over the world over the past few months.

She told her followers that sticking to the diet after 10 months had become easier for her and is now sustainable as a permanent change to her lifestyle, while she claimed that those slamming the method of weight loss should ditch the negativity and instead celebrate people getting healthy.

Jameson also shared a message for her fans who had sent her messages regarding the diet plan and how it's helped them to lose weight.

Jenna Jameson is the 4th celebrity evicted from the Big Brother house at Elstree Studios on September 11, 2015 in Borehamwood, England.
Getty Images | Eamonn M. McCormac

Jenna has been very open about her weight-loss journey over the past few months, sharing regular updates on her Instagram account as she dropped the pounds.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, she recently opened up about the emotional reason behind her decision to drastically change her body and drop the pounds in an interview with Us Weekly.

Jenna explained to the outlet that she really decided it was time to get healthier after her daughter, Batel, turned 1-year-old, and she found that she was struggling to do simple things like play and run around with her.

"She started to walk and I was having trouble keeping up with her," Jameson shared in the interview of why she decided it was time to transform her body for her daughter. "That really made me open my eyes and realize how unhealthy I really was."

In August, the star uploaded before-and-after photos on her Instagram page to show off her transformation while also confirming that she'd lost a huge 82 pounds.

As the Inquisitr reported at the time, Jenna told her hundreds of thousands of followers that she weighed 205 pounds at her heaviest while she was pregnant with her daughter but had since gotten down to a healthier 123 pounds.