January 24, 2019
Kate Gosselin Ripped On Instagram After Posting Update On Her Kids

Kate Gosselin can't win when it comes to social media. The mom of eight made a long-awaited return to Instagram this week to post an update on her family nearly two months after losing custody of her son Collin to ex-husband Jon, and followers had a field day.

As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Kate Gosselin, who last posted to Instagram on Thanksgiving, posted two photos to explain her long hiatus from the social media site. Gosselin did not share any photos of her kids, but she posted pics of poster board and a paper cutter as she revealed to fans that her family has been "buried" in science fair projects. Gosselin also noted that this will be her kids' last year for science fair projects.

While Kate Gosselin didn't reveal which of her eight kids are in science fair mode, it is clear she is heavily involved in helping her brood get their presentations ready. Kate currently has 18-year-old daughters Mady and Cara living with her as well as her 14-year-old septuplet siblings Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah. Jon Gosselin currently has custody of sextuplets Hannah and Leah.

Although Kate Gosselin's new Instagram post was meant to be a friendly update on her family, the Kate Plus 8 star was still ripped by followers who used the opportunity to critique her parenting—and to point out that she now only has six of her eight kids living with her.

In the comments section of the post, some followers accused the busy mom of "always complaining," In Touch Weekly notes. Another follower trolled Kate with, "[w]ell, you have two less kids now to take care off with Jon having Collin and Hannah."

Other followers called out Kate for her helicopter parenting.

"Wouldn't be so bad if you let them do their own projects. They're very capable. Not perfect is okay," one commenter wrote, while another blasted Kate with, "[t]hey are almost 15 years old...I doubt they need your help as much as you like to think they do. It's their project, not yours."

"Why are you doing the work for them????" another follower asked.

Others used the comments section of Kate Gosselin's post to debate her rumored "no show" status at a custody hearing for her son Collin in early December. Jon Gosselin, who was ultimately granted custody of the former couple's son after he was released from a live-in facility for children with behavioral issues, told Hollywood Life last month that Collin has no relationship with his mother Kate.

Kate Gosselin did get some supportive comments on her post. The busy reality TV mom received sympathetic comments from fellow parents who know all about the challenges of science fair time. Others admitted that, just like Kate, they end up helping their kids or doing a lot of the work on their school projects. Other fans asked when they can expect to see Kate and her kids back on TV.

Kate Gosselin has not responded to any of the comments on her Instagram post, but it's not hard to see why the Kate Plus 8 star has scaled back on her Instagram updates.