Kate Gosselin Returns To Instagram Following Custody Loss To Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin has officially broken her social media silence for the first time since losing custody of her son, Collin, to her former husband Jon Gosselin.

According to a January 23 report by In Touch Weekly Magazine, Kate Gosselin took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to share a brand new update on her kids and family following a November court hearing that granted Jon Gosselin custody of their son, Collin, who had spent the past two years in a facility for special needs children.

Kate hadn't posted anything since Thanksgiving, just days before Colin's custody was given over to Jon. However, in her latest post, she opened up about it being a very busy time of year for herself and her children, revealing that it was science fair time at school, and that they have been drowning in the projects.

"Just buried in Science Fair projects over here… this time of year is truly a joy for all of us," Kate wrote alongside a photo of science fair poster boards, a paper cutter, and more supplies that helped her kids get their projects ready to head to school.

Gosselin also used the hashtags, #LastYearOfScienceFair, #CallsForACelebration, and#WorkHardAndGetDone," to finish out her latest post.

"Well, you have two less kids now to take care off with Jon having Collin and Hannah," one fan commented on the photograph.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate Gosselin's home has gotten a bit more quiet as of late. Her daughter, Hannah, has chosen to live with her father, Jon Gosselin, and when Jon fought for custody of his son, Collin, Kate didn't show up to the court hearing to put any effort forth at trying to keep custody of the teenage boy.Over the past few years, Collin had been noticeably absent from family photos, vacations, and celebrations. Instead, he had been away at an inpatient school where Kate revealed she sent him to deal with some behavioral issues and his special needs.

However, Jon revealed that Collin did not need to be at the facility, and once he gained custody of the boy he was brought home to live with his father and sister. The trio spent the Christmas holiday together, and Jon revealed that Hannah and Collin did not see their six other siblings on the special day.

As far as Jon's relationship with his other children, he says if they want to talk to him they know they can reach out.

"It's hard to reach out to people that don't want to talk to you. If I knew they wanted to talk to me, then I'd be reaching out more!" he stated.

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