WWE Rumor: Two Top Performers From Impact WWE Bound, Per 'PWInsider'

Two of the people who are heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of Impact Wrestling appear to be leaving for the WWE, according to a report from PWInsider. Current Impact Hall of Famer Abyss and one of the main members of the company's creative team Sanjay Dutt are both believed to be departing the company for roles in the WWE, though it's not clear exactly what they'll be doing.

Apparently, Impact sent out an email to all of its performers today stating that the two members of the creative team would no longer be with the company. It sounds like the split was amicable, as Impact wished them both well at the end of the email.

Additionally, PWInsider is reporting that Impact didn't wish to hold either wrestler/writer back from "great opportunities" that were available to them in the WWE. Because of how much larger the WWE is, it would make sense that it would be able to offer both individuals more money than Impact could ever hope to.

Before making this move, Abyss was the longest-tenured worker within Impact. Not only has he served as a wrestler within the company since 2002, but recently, he started working behind-the-scenes as a producer. He only left the company very briefly in the middle of his run, but he quickly re-signed a new contract and went back to work.

Sanjay Dutt has been heavily involved in the creative side of Impact, working closely with Don Callis, Scott D'Amore, and Jimmy Jacobs. He was with the company from 2003 through 2009, before leaving for a few years. Once he came back, he quickly rose in power and has since become one of the major decision makers within the company's creative team.

What's not clear is exactly what role the WWE intends to bring Dutt and Abyss in for. They're both a little outside of their prime as far as wrestlers go, but the WWE could most certainly use them in a creative capacity. We could see them working on either the main roster or in NXT, depending on where their services are needed.

Interestingly, Impact has already announced replacements to the creative team in Konnan and Tommy Dreamer, who should add some solid new perspectives to the company. Creatively, Impact has been moving in a positive direction of late, but it's definitely hurting for viewers, especially with the move to a far less viewed network.