January 24, 2019
Man Who Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner's Photos Surpasses 1 Million Followers On Instagram

The invention of Photoshop gave the everyday computer owner the perfect opportunity to cause all sorts of havoc. Some use it for good, others use it for evil, and some use for just plain hilarity. An Instagram user, who goes by the name of Kirby Jenner, proclaims to be Kendall Jenner's "younger twin," thanks to the photo editing software.

Although the two have never met, Kirby's entire Instagram consists almost exclusively of photos of himself Photoshopped into Kendall's usually otherwise perfectly poised photos. As Bored Panda writes, their friendship, artificial as it may be, has earned Kirby a whopping 1 million followers over the years.

"As my older twin sister, Kendall and I share an unbreakable bond. Mom says we're kinda like Siegfried & Roy but with fewer tiger attacks and even more magic tricks," Kirby told the publication.

The young man also explained that Kendall is an idol for him for a number of different reasons. Those reasons include the love she has for her family and the fact that she always recycles.

Clearly living in a bit of a fantasy world, Kirby denies ever having used Photoshop, saying he has no idea what it is or how to use the application in the first place, trying to keep up the illusion of his famed twin sister, no doubt.

"Microsoft friggin Paint. First, I open up a fresh new doc. Then, I use the pencil tool to draw a bird or maybe a sword or a giraffe. Sometimes I just doodle. Then I use the paint bucket to fill in different colors. There's also a Stamp tool but I don't know what it does. Then I have Kim help me print it out from mom's printer/scanner combo and give them out to my friends."
To be fair, as far the photos tell the story, Kendall and Kirby must be besties. They have appeared in numerous rather professional-looking photo shoots together, strutted the red carpet in their evening wear best together, dressed up for Halloween together, and have even been seen relaxing on the beach together.Kirby has been strategically inserting himself into Kendall's photos for years but has also Photoshopped himself into photos with other famous people. Kris Jenner (his supposed mother) and Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian (his would-be sisters) have also made appearances from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but he has also posted a seductive photo with Demi Lovato.