January 24, 2019
'Love Island' Star Malin Andersson Shares Heartbreaking News About Newborn Daughter

One month ago, British reality star Malin Andersson joyfully delivered a baby girl she and her partner Tom Kemp named Consy Gloria Emma Andersson-Kemp. She shared adorable photos of the precious little girl on Instagram right after her birth, which is also how she broke the news that her premature baby sadly has passed away.

Consy was born seven weeks premature Dec. 23 at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. Andersson, 26, named her little girl after her late mother who passed away November 2017 after a tough battle with breast cancer, according to People.

"She is so beautiful, we are totally in love with her and feel so blessed that she is here but unfortunately due to complications, she is currently being cared for at Great Ormond Street," Andersson shared on Instagram after it was determined that Consy needed to stay longer in the hospital.

Andersson thanked the hospital staff for the "amazing care" she had received and promised to update her followers about the baby's progress. She then requested privacy during the troubling time. She thanked her fans and followers for their "prayers, messages, healing."

"It means the world to us. Baby Consy is still in intensive care and fighting each day. This has been the most difficult time I have ever gone through," she confessed.

Even sadder is that Andersson hadn't had the chance to hold her little girl as she fought for her life. She shared that her baby's declining health was different than when her mom battled against cancer.

"My mum was ready to go … my little girl isn't. She has given me the ultimate purpose in my life and I'm not prepared to let her go," she said.

At one point, Andersson was able to hold her baby's hand. But it broke her heart that she was full of so much love for her little girl and she didn't realize it, being hooked up to all of the wires and without a mother's touch.

When Consy turned one month, Andersson's hope was beginning to falter. She begged everyone for help.

"Although a blessing it has been the worst month of my life. She has a long way to go. Keep praying," she posted.

The day after Consy passed away, Andersson shared one last photo with the words "RIP my angel."

"Mummy loves you. I stayed with you each day… you opened your eyes one last time for me and I saw those beautiful big brown eyes. I'm so sorry I couldn't do anymore," she tearfully wrote.