Vinny Guadagnino Wants Kim Kardashian To Help Get ‘The Situation’ Out Of Jail

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino is pulling out the stops to get his roommate, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, out of jail. While arriving at LAX, the Vinny & Ma Eat America alum told TMZ that he had heard Kim Kardashian was a pro at getting people released from prison, and asked for her assistance.

“He preaches to kids who have addictions. He’s a big advocate and evangelist for recovery. He’d be better off out here helping people. Mike is an amazing person. To me, he’s completely reformed. He’s, like, a great member of society,” Guadagnino said. He followed it up with a nod to Kardashian, saying, “Kim, get on that.”

Guadagnino may have to wait in line for Kardashian’s help, however. After aiding in securing clemency and subsequent prison release for Alice Marie Johnson and Cyntoia Brown, the KUWTK starlet has had an influx of requests from inmates around the country asking for her help in getting their convictions overturned, as Us Weekly revealed.

Sorrentino surrendered himself to the Otisville Federal Prison on January 15, following sentencing for his guilty plea on tax evasion charges. He’ll do 8 months behind bars, and as the Inquisitr previously reported, he seems to be doing ok. His wife, Lauren, revealed that he’s received thousands of letters from his fans and that the outpouring of love and support has meant so much to the reality star. She also said that he’s doing great, and he’s able to speak to his new bride on the phone every day.

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Guadagnino also shared an update on his buddy, and said that he knows Sorrentino will be just fine because of his positive outlook on life.

“I heard he’s doing great in there, which is amazing. Like, I knew he was gonna do good and he, um, was never, like, really nervous about it. So I was praying. I’m like, ‘Oh, God, I hope once he’s in there it’s OK.’ He’s gonna be all right. He’s so strong, mentally, from, like, his [drug addiction] recovery process that it’s working out for him now in jail. … Mike’s the type of guy now that, like, looks for the positive in every situation,” he added.

When Sorrentino is released following his sentence, he’ll have to do 500 hours of community service and was also said to have paid $123,913 in restitution for the evasion charges. As the Inquisitr revealed, just before turning himself in, Sorrentino tweeted out the details of his contact information, and a clip from Goodfellas to his Twitter, where Henry Hill is being driven to jail. He added a positive spin to the tweet, closing it out with a very “Situation” one-liner.

“The comeback is always greater than the setback,” Sorrentino said.