‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: One Star May Have Revealed That He’s The Rabbit On Twitter

Michael BeckerFOX

The Masked Singer viewers have been trying to figure out the identities of all of the contestants for weeks now, and one star may have just given a huge clue that he is the man behind the rabbit mask via Twitter.

Fans who have been watching The Masked Singer know that the rabbit has been rumored to be a boy-band member, with many fans believing that the contestant is former NSYNC member Joey Fatone. However, all of the clues seem to be pointing to Joey’s former group member, JC Chasez.

While Fatone has spoken out about not being the rabbit, Chasez is a different story. He’s not confirmed nor denied rumors that he is the man behind the mask, but this week he did take to his Twitter account to give a huge hint — posting a picture of carrots, with a bunny rabbit shaking his tail in front of the vegetable. “Carrots anyone?” the photo states. “Yum,” JC added to the post.

While some fans took the carrot post to mean that JC was telling everyone that he is the rabbit, others believe that he’s just having some fun with viewers. Some believe that Joey is actually the rabbit, with Chasez trying to throw everyone off of his trail.

The rabbit’s clues have pointed to a member of NSYNC, and could fit both Joey Fatone and JC Chasez. The clues have revealed that the singer was once a member of a group, and that he likes to “pop” up here and there, seemingly referencing the group’s hit song of the same name. He also used the phrase “It’s gonna be me,” another NYSNC song title.

Meanwhile, the rabbit also wears a straightjacket as a part of his costume, which is something that JC not only wore in one of the group’s music videos — but also on the cover of his solo album, Schizophrenic.

Fans can’t wait to hear the rabbit sing again, as well as to hear some brand new clues that could help fans decide whether or not the man behind the mask is JC — or his former group member, Joey.

The Masked Singer has already unmasked three celebrities, including NFL star “Downtown” Antonio Brown, comedian and actor Tommy Chong, and most recently, NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.

This week, the rabbit, raven, poodle, alien, and bee will compete in hopes of staying in the competition. One of them will be kicked off, and will be forced to reveal their true identity. The rabbit could be next, so tune in on Wednesday to see if it may be JC Chasez.