Nelson Cruz Shocked By PED Accusation

Nelson Cruz was “shocked” when his name was linked to a Miami clinic that handed performance enhancement drugs to MLB players.

Cruz, who recently started spring training with the Texas Rangers in Arizona, said that he was “shocked” and “depressed” to be linked to the clinic. Cruz said that he couldn’t elaborate on any details but said that he would open up about the scandal as soon as he could.

Cruz said:

“I cannot make any comments about it at this time … As soon as it’s done, I’ll address it and tell everything I know … I want to speak and I want to talk, but my lawyer told me I cannot say anything right now. I want to be honest, but this is currently under investigation by Major League Baseball and I can’t really make any comment on it … It was shocking, really depressing.”

CBS reports that Cruz has not been interviewed by the MLB but said that he plans to cooperate with league investigators.

Cruz said:

“I don’t worry at all … I know it’s going to come good so hopefully it’s done right and quick as possible.”

General Manager Jon Daniels also said that he hopes the MLB can sort out the situation quickly. Daniels said he expects Cruz to play this season and that spring training will proceed as normal.

Daniels told ABC News:

“We’re just taking it day-by-day … There’s nothing much we can do really. We expect he’s going to be our right fielder. If something comes up that impacts that, we’ll deal with that at that point. Hopefully, the process speeds up and we get it out of the way and we focus on the year. I’m not overly concerned from a club’s standpoint. It’s an open investigation at this point. We’re kind of in a wait-and-see mode, but we’re going to support Nelly in the process.”

Do you think Nelson Cruz took PEDs?