Justin Bieber Tells Chris Brown ‘No One Can Touch You’ Following Rape Allegations

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On Tuesday, Chris Brown was released from police custody in Paris, France, with no charges filed — after being detained on an accusation of rape. The 29-year-old singer returned to a dance studio just hours later to continue working on some new moves, sharing a video of his progress on Instagram. A number of celebrity friends, including Justin Bieber and Nick Cannon, commented on Brown’s post to praise him for getting past the arrest, Entertainment Tonight reported.

“No one can touch you ur the GOAT,” Bieber wrote, meaning the “greatest of all time.”

Bieber is a longtime friend of Brown’s, and the two have collaborated on music in the past.

Cannon also chimed in to say “Stay Focused King!”

Several other fans of the “With You” singer commented on Brown’s “unstoppable hustle,” and said that they would continue to support him through anything. There are, however, a number of fans who expressed disappointment not only in Brown, but also in Bieber for supporting someone who has been accused of rape.

“The fact that you’re supporting a rapist, a known abuser, makes me sick to my stomach. I looked up to you, and this is honestly so disappointing… Please educate yourself on the topic,” one person said, according to Cosmopolitan.

Others said that Bieber should’ve stayed silent on the matter.

“I do not know how the investigation on this case will go,” someone wrote. “But if it turns out to be true, remember that you commented.”

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Although Brown insists that the allegations are untrue — and he has not yet been convicted — the crooner does have a proven history of violence against women, including his 2009 guilty plea for assault against then-girlfriend Rihanna. In 2016, he was brought in on charges of assault with a deadly weapon — and in 2019, he was accused of punching a photographer. This past May, a woman sued Brown for allegedly holding her against her will while a friend raped her, the New York Times reported.

Disappointed followers were quick to point out to Bieber that these actions do not make someone the “greatest of all time.”

Brown was detained in Paris, France, on Monday, January 21 after a woman filed a rape complaint against the singer. The accuser said that Brown and his friends met her at a club on January 15. They then purportedly took her to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where the alleged rape occurred.

Brown faces charges of aggravated rape and drug infractions. Although he was released, the investigation will reportedly continue “under the authority of the Paris prosecutor’s office,” according to Us Weekly.