KFC Heiress Kaila Methven Goes Completely Naked While Posing In $10 Million Worth Of Jewelry

KFC Heiress Kaila Methven is letting it all hang out while showing off her wealth and power in a brand new magazine spread.

According to a January 23 report by the Daily Mail, Kaila Methven, who is the heiress to the KFC fortune, posed completely naked for a recent edition of JMG Lifestyle. However, she did have one accessory for the photo shoot.

Kaila decked herself out in nearly $10 million worth of lavish jewelry for the photos. Many fans have called Methven — who runs her own lingerie company, Madame Methven — a Lady Gaga look alike, as the two share similar features between them.

In one photo, Kaila has her curvy backside on full display as she stands in a pair of sparkling heels. Jewels are draped down her back and across her shoulders. Methven’s long platinum-blonde hair is tied up in a knotted up-do, and she also sports diamonds around her neck and her wrists.

In another photo, Kaila leaves little the imagination as she flaunts her tiny waist and bare breasts, her chest being covered by diamonds. Methven opened up about getting nude for the shoot — and how she felt like working with the magazine would really empower other women.

“For the shoot I had to be naked in front of about 20 people which was a little scary at first but it really wasn’t about nudity for me, this was about creating something artistic and empowering with a woman’s body,” Kaila Methven stated.

“I’m proud to be a woman, and JMG Lifestyle Magazine uplifts women, they are about representing strong, modern day women, l wanted to create a shoot that is strong and fearless and powerful,” the KFC heiress added.

Kaila went on to reveal that she has a tremendous amount of respect for women — especially her own mother, who has had to fight for so much in her life.

“I have so much respect for women, and my own mother had to face many challenges and inequality. I hope to empower other women to be themselves and fight for their rights and help each other,” says Methven.

On her Instagram account, Kaila calls herself a designer and a fashion influencer. She also acknowledges the fact that she is the KFC heiress. Methven also reveals that she is an actor and a model, as well as the CEO of her company, Madame Methven lingerie.

Fans can see more of Kaila Methven by following her on social media.