Snow Falls Beautifully All Around Disneyland Paris As Characters Have Fun [Photos And Video]

Francois DurandGetty Images

If you’ve ever visited Walt Disney World and Disneyland during the Christmas holidays, you may have seen some of the delightful soapy snow that falls on everyone. It’s a fun visual, and something that brings about even more holiday spirit near the end of the year. For those who have been visiting Disneyland Paris recently, though, said guests have had the honor of seeing real snow fall around the park — and seeing Disney characters playing in it.

The temperatures have dropped in late January over in Paris, and it’s become quite the beautiful time to be at the Disneyland Paris Resort. Some of the sights that can be seen there will likely never be possible at the parks in the United States.

Anyone who visits Magic Kingdom — or Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Central Florida, or Disneyland in California — can see some “snoap” as many guests call it. During the holidays, the soapy snow falls down onto the crowds as the Christmas decorations adorn the surrounding buildings and lamp posts.

On Instagram, one user decided to share the beauty that comes with real snow falling in a Disney park. She shared a number of pictures from Disneyland Paris earlier this week, as the snow fell all around and the water froze into gorgeous icicles.

Even the broomsticks from Disney’s animated classic Fantasia were happy to catch a little something different in their buckets.

Once the snow started to collect on the ground in the park, many others hopped on social media to share their photos. It’s hard to deny that Disneyland Paris is always beautiful, but seeing it covered in the fluffy white stuff makes it even more gorgeous.

The resorts at Disneyland Paris also became even more elegant than usual thanks to the fallen snow.

It must truly be something to experience the Disney Parks in the snow, as it’s obvious that the setting makes for truly wonderful pictures. There are other things to experience while at the parks, though, and some may forget that the characters want to have fun in the cold weather as well.

With all of the images popping up online of Disneyland Paris covered in snow, there are also some pics and videos of characters having a good time. One video even shows Tigger bouncing and pouncing on a “snow day.”

There is always the hope that one day, snow will fall down upon Walt Disney World or Disneyland for those who can’t, or won’t, make it out of the country.