Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Cleavage In Sports Bra And Leggings In New Workout Video

Michael BeckerNBC

Jennifer Lopez and her beau, Alex Rodriguez, have decided to embark on a challenging new diet together — and what better way to keep up with their promise than by sharing their grueling fitness and diet regime with their fans on social media?

On Tuesday, JLo took to her Instagram Stories to update her followers on her 10 day challenge, which consists of avoiding both sugar and carbs during that period of time. She took a video of herself working up a sweat at the gym while wearing a tiny sports bra that revealed her ample cleavage and killer abs, as well as matching lavender leggings. Her hair is styled into a ponytail, and she rocks large hoop earrings while describing how the first day of the challenge went.

“So, 24 hours of no sugar and no carbs… learning a lot about what sugar does to a body. And just need to stay away from it!” she stated.

The 49-year-old later posted another video, this time at home, explaining the effects that the extreme diet is having on her food habits — and brainstorming with friends about alternative snacks.

“It turns out that when you don’t have sugar and you don’t have carbs, you’re really really hungry all the time,” she laughed. “So we’re trying to figure out a lot of good snacks. And this is our snack for tonight,” she said, before adding a photo of a platter of super healthy food that included cucumber, red and yellow pepper, sugar-free jello, tuna poke, green beans, and canned tuna with mustard, onion, and celery.

The pop star and her boyfriend, 43, decided to embark on this journey together, announcing the challenge on A-Rod’s Instagram page on Monday. They shared a video of the two of them putting in some work at the gym, while also having fun and busting out some dance moves together. Once again, JLo showed off her insane body — including her rock hard stomach and world-famous derriere — in a tight sports bra and leggings combo.

In the video, Jennifer laughed as she put on a little dance session, begging her beau to join her, having little success. The two also encouraged their followers to participate in the challenge, one which will surely see the two fitness-lovers struggle with maintaining their energy levels while they get used to the new regime. In one of his recent Instagram Stories, A-Rod said: “I’m on the second day of this 10-day challenge… I’ve had eggs and avocado today. I’m dying.”