‘The Conners’ Finale: David Returns With A Shocking Confession

Michael Loccisano Getty Images

The Conners ended its first official season since Roseanne Barr’s departure and the show’s rebranding with a bit of drama.

According to E! Online, The Conners revealed that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) was set to move to Chicago with her boyfriend, Ben, and that her children, Harris and Mark, were thrilled about the news, excited to return to the city that they grew up in and loved.

As Darlene weighed her options and was getting used to the idea of taking her kids and returning to Chicago to embark on a brand new, serious relationship with her new love, a blast from the past returned in the form of her former husband, David Healy (Johnny Galecki).

David burst through the Conner home and revealed that he had broken up with his live-in girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis). David told Darlene that Blue wanted to get married and have children and that it didn’t feel right to him. However, what did feel right was reconnecting with his wife and family, confessing that he still loved Darlene, whom he shares a very long history with.

David and Darlene are a fan favorite couple among viewers, but it seems that they’ve had a lot of trouble keeping their marriage together over the years. Meanwhile, although Galecki had guest starred in a few episodes of The Conners, he’s been too busy on his CBS powerhouse comedy, The Big Bang Theory.

Now that the show is coming to an end after the current season, it seems likely that The Conners is setting up for Galecki’s return as a series regular to the show as David.

Meanwhile, Becky (Lecy Goranson) also got a huge shock when she finally let herself get excited about the idea of raising her unborn child with the baby’s father, Emilio. Sadly, Becky’s co-worker, who also revealed himself to be in the country illegally, was taken by immigration and deported.

Emilio promised to find a way back to Lanford and to Becky, who was crushed by the news that she would now be raising the baby alone, and likely without any financial help from Emilio.

Meanwhile, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) also got a heartbreaking piece of news during the finale. Her boyfriend, played by Matthew Broderick, had been cheating on her, which sent her spiraling. She got drunk and eventually let out all of her feelings about the breakup and Roseanne’s tragic death during a wild night out, which was followed by a breakdown on Dan’s shoulder.

The Conners will be back for Season 2 on ABC.