‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers Point To The Rabbit Being Famous Boy Band Member, But Not Joey Fatone

Michael BeckerFOX

The Masked Singer has fans going wild and scouring the internet to try to find spoilers and clues about which celebrities may be hiding under the elaborate costumes, such as the rabbit.

According to Pop Culture, The Masked Singer may have given away one too many good clues about the identity of the rabbit. In fact, many fans believe that he is a boy band member that got his start in the super popular group, ‘NSYNC. However, viewers are torn between JC Chasez and Joey Fatone.

While many fans believe that Joey could be the man behind the mask, others strongly feel that it’s JC who is putting on a show for fans and judges alike on the stage.

The clues seem to point straight to JC Chasez, who has stayed mostly quiet on social media for the duration of the show. Many fans believe that JC’s body type is very much like that of the rabbit, not to mention that all of the clues seem to hint that Justin Timberlake’s former singing partner is the one belting out hits week after week.

The rabbit has revealed that he has spent most of his life on the stage. Chasez was a member of The Mickey Mouse Club as a teenager and then headed straight to his ‘NSYNC fame. He also reveals that he was “never alone,” hinting that the rabbit was part of a boy band.

He also used wordplay such as “pop,” a song made famous by the boyband, and “it’s gonna be me,” another ‘NSYNC hit tune.

However, the biggest clue that points to Chasez being the rabbit is the performer’s choice of costume. Not so much the rabbit, but the white straight jacket that the performer wears over his costume seems to give it away.

JC not only wore a straight jacket in the ‘NSYNC video for I Drive Myself Crazy, where the group was seen in a mental hospital reliving the past with their lost loves, but he also donned a straight jacket on the cover of his solo album, which was titled, Schizophrenic.

Meanwhile, Joey Fatone has been adamant that he is not the rabbit, and claims that he didn’t even know what the show was all about until people started tweeting him to ask if he was the rabbit.

“I… am not in that show. I’m not the platypus or bunny or unicorn or whatever the hell you call it,” Fatone stated.

Fans can see if JC Chasez is the rabbit by watching The Masked Singer on Wednesday nights on FOX.