John Kerry Urges President Donald Trump To Resign

Dan KitwoodGetty Images

On Tuesday, former Secretary of State John Kerry implored President Donald Trump to resign from the highest office in the land. Kerry served as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

According to a CNBC report, while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, somebody asked the former Massachusetts senator what he would tell Trump if they were right next to each other. With some hesitation, Kerry replied, “I can’t play that ― I just ― I would.” Then he shrugged. The former 2004 presidential candidate went on, “But I know that, see, because he doesn’t take any of this seriously. He doesn’t have an ability to have that kind of conversation.” When asked to elaborate, Kerry said, “resign” to the audience’s laughter.

The harsh words for Trump come just days after Kerry declared that Trump had not only isolated the United States from the rest of the world, but also took the country backward, according to an Inquisitr report.

“President Trump has isolated America and taken us backwards in terms of institutions that were structured ever since World War II to bring the world together.”

Kerry went on to tell the Hill recently, “I don’t think it’s important to be talking about who’s in and who’s out. What’s important to talk about is where do we need to go? Where do we need to go as a country? We are not doing the great things that America should be doing.”

As for the president, he chose not to attend the World Economic Forum, which is an annual event for world leaders and the world’s wealthiest people. The reason Trump and other government officials slated to travel with him did not attend is because of the U.S. government shutdown, which currently sits at 32 days with no end or compromise in sight. Joining Trump in staying in their respective countries are U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron.

While Trump hasn’t explicitly commented on Kerry’s call to resign, the president did lash out over the World Economic Forum on Twitter. “Last time I went to Davos, the Fake News said I should not go there” he tweeted.

“This year, because of the Shutdown, I decided not to go, and the Fake News said I should be there.”

Although he canceled his trip to Switzerland, for now, Trump’s State of the Union address, which is slated for January 29, is moving forward as planned despite House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking him to reschedule due to the government shutdown.