Chris Brown’s Alleged Rape Victim, Karima, Reportedly Calls Encounter ‘Brutal And Violent,’ Per French Tabloid

Earl Gibson IIIGetty Images

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, hip hop and R&B singer Chris Brown was recently arrested in France, after a young woman accused him of raping her in his hotel suite in Paris.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for additional details to surface. As detailed by the French language version of Closer magazine — per Google Translate — the encounter between Chris Brown and the 24-year-old woman was “brutal and violent.”

The alleged incident took place on the night of January 15. The purported victim, Karima — whose name has been changed to protect her identity — met the singer during a night out on the town. As Closer reports, the two supposedly met through a mutual acquaintance. After spending time at a Parisian nightclub, a few women went back to Brown’s hotel suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. While Karima originally tried to return home for the evening, she was reportedly pressured into returning to the hotel — with one club-goer grabbing her by the arm.

Upon returning to the hotel, one of Chris Brown’s bodyguards allegedly confiscated everyone’s cellphones — presumably in an effort to ensure no one took any images or video of the soiree. As Karima details, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana were being consumed in the suite.

At some point, the young woman was allegedly accosted by Brown in a bedroom. After closing the door, he sexually pursued her for some time. At one point, Chris left the room — while Karima claims that she thought that he was going to retrieve her cellphone, he returned shortly after. It was at this time that Brown allegedly raped her. As NPR reports, Brown’s accuser also claims that she was abused by one of Chris Brown’s friends, as well as by one of his bodyguards.

Eventually, Karima was able to leave the hotel suite. After Chris Brown noticed that she was crying, he returned her cellphone, and she quickly left. Karima eventually worked up the courage to go to the authorities and file a report. As she explained to Closer, the young woman was scared — as Brown and his associates had her name, picture, and personal information.

When asked by Closer if she was the only victim that night, Karima could not provide a concrete answer. She explained that there were around 15 other women in Brown’s hotel suite.

As previously detailed by the Inquisitr, this is not Chris Brown’s first run-in with the law. The singer’s criminal record dates back to 2009 — and includes multiple domestic violence arrests, a felony assault charge (which was later lowered to a misdemeanor), and a sexual assault civil lawsuit filed last year.