‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Shiloh Tries To Charm Alexis, But Doubts Over His Intentions May Remain

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday reveal that there’s an intriguing mix of storylines set to be featured during the next episode. While viewers were riveted Monday as they watched Lulu fight for her life when Ryan attacked, it appears that the focus will be elsewhere during this January 22 show.

Viewers have met Shiloh, and most fans are fairly suspicious of him. Sam and Jason are wary of him — given the links he has to Sam’s past as well as to Drew’s — but Kristina is all-in with both Shiloh and his Dawn of Day group at this point. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will try to dig deeper during the next show, but what kind of impression will she walk away with?

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Shiloh and Alexis will sit down for a chat. Alexis will ask him straight-out how Kristina fits into things on his end, and Shiloh looks intrigued by her question.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Shiloh will do his best to put on the charm during Tuesday’s show. It sounds like he’ll think he can smooth-talk Alexis like he does many others, but Alexis may not be quite so easily charmed.

Alexis isn’t entirely in the know when it comes to Shiloh, D.O.D., and how fishy things look — but she did appear to see some red flags last week as she learned more from Sam. Of course, Alexis wants Kristina to be happy and to find her way forward in life, but she will likely end up being rather skeptical of Shiloh and his crew — much like Sam has been.

It seems that Sam and Alexis will chat a bit during Tuesday’s episode as well, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam’s attention will soon be pulled elsewhere. As viewers have seen, Josslyn and Cameron have run into trouble. Soon, Sam and Jason will join forces to try to save them.

As people grow more concerned about Joss and Cam, viewers will see Kim reach out to Drew, Carly’s worries escalate, and Jason and Sam step up with a plan. This will carry over into Wednesday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be trouble for JaSam, but then a long-awaited romantic reunion as the rest of the week plays out.

Will Alexis walk away from her conversation with Shiloh feeling skeptical of him and his intentions? Is this new character shady — as many suspect — or simply misunderstood? There’s speculation swirling that he may turn out to be connected to someone else in Port Charles, perhaps Margaux, and additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon with additional details.