WWE News: Current Superstar Joins '205 Live' Commentary Team

The WWE is continuing to make moves and shake things up. While most of those moves apply to wrestlers, there are also some moves taking place on the commentary side of things. One major switch is happening on 205 Live, where current main roster performer Aiden English is joining the commentary team, as announced on the WWE's website.

English isn't wasting any time getting to work on 205 Live either, as he's scheduled to start commentating on the show tonight.

The WWE pointed out that he's a temporary guest on the show through WrestleMania season. However, if he receives a good response from fans, he could end up being a permanent fixture on the show.

Additionally, the company noted that English will continue to compete on SmackDown Live while he's involved in the commentary game. He hasn't been competing very much since splitting up with Rusev anyway, so working on commentary will give him something to do within the company.

The 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick put out a statement regarding English joining the commentary team.

"The McMahons have been shaking things up on Raw and SmackDown LIVE, so I'm going to follow suit. Aiden English is an active Superstar and is very opinionated, and I believe those opinions and perspective will add to the current commentary team, only adding to the entertainment value of The Most Exciting Hour of Television."
Michael Cole, who is the Senior Director of On-Air Talent and commentator for Raw each week, elaborated on the WWE's decision to use a current superstar as a commentator on the WWE's cruiserweight show.

"We wanted to do something special for WrestleMania season, and Royal Rumble week kicks off the Road to WrestleMania," said Cole. "We've been working with Aiden at the WWE Performance Center to see if he has the chops, and it turns out he's pretty good."

Aiden English has definitely shown that he has skills on the microphone, but commentary requires a different skillset than cutting short promos in the ring. It'll definitely be interesting to see what he is able to add to the commentary team, and more importantly if his work on the show is able to draw more viewers.

Before fading off SmackDown Live, English contributed a great deal to the rise in popularity of Rusev with his "Rusev Day" gimmick. Eventually, they broke up and had a very quick feud that didn't do English any favors.

Rusev has since gone on to win the United States Championship, while English hasn't made many television appearances of late.