Sarah Jessica Parker Returns As Carrie Bradshaw And Recreates Iconic ‘SATC’ Intro

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

A Sex and the City 3 movie may not ever happen, but fans are getting a little taste of what could have been and it’s all for a good cause. Sarah Jessica Parker stepped back into her Manolo Blahniks to revive Carrie Bradshaw in a recreation of the show’s iconic opening scene to promote Stella Artois and

The actress posted a video to her Instagram page. The familiar Sex and the City music starts and the camera pans onto Parker, showing her in full Carrie regalia, including a diamond necklace, lace peep-toe sock booties, a single glove and a tutu-like dress topped with a bold gold blouse.

That’s when the bus drives by, splashing water out of the gutter in a recreation of the show’s opening. She turns to look at the bus after the narrow miss and instead of the traditional “Carrie Bradshaw knows good sex” ad, the bus features an ad that says “1 bottle = 1 month of clean water.”

As she watches the bus featuring a Stella Artois and ad drive off, she invokes her character’s signature phrase.

“I couldn’t help but wonder, wasn’t it obvious? You make a little change to do a lot of good.”

Parker posted the full video on Tuesday morning after publishing a teaser a few days ago.

“Revisiting a beloved character. Briefly and with a twist. Because, thanks to @stellaartois, when you change up the usual you can do good. X, SJ #Ad #PourItForward,” she captioned the photo.

Parker told People that she enjoyed revising Carrie, even if it was briefly.

“It was peculiar in a way, but really, really fun and joyful,” Parker said. “It was sort of like time stood still for a second and this alternate universe of that life was presented again.”

This was the first time she has ever been asked to reprise Carrie Bradshaw for a role and it felt like the right fit to bring attention to a good cause.

“I really feel that this cause is important and urgent, and reviving Carrie in that moment was just the cherry on the sundae,” she said.

Stella Artois teamed up with, Matt Damon’s non-profit organization, which helps bring clean water to those who need it. Damon founded the organization in 2009. The #pouritforward campaign is promising to bring a month of clean water for each bottle of beer that people buy. For each chalice that people buy, they will provide five years of clean water to someone in the developing world.