Katie Maloney Slams Billie Lee For Calling Her ‘Discriminatory’: ‘That Is The Grossest Exploitation Ever’

Charles SykesBravo

Katie Maloney and Billie Lee came to blows during last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules after Billie accused Katie of excluding her from a Girls Night Out event at SUR Restaurant, where they both work.

“I’ve been rejected my entire life and [have not been] able to go to girls’ things, and then my co-worker doesn’t invite me?” Billie asked during the episode, according to a January 21 report from TooFab.

“This is for everyone,” Katie replied. “This is not about that!”

According to Scheana Marie, Billie further intensified her drama with Katie when she took to social media to vent about being left out of the event. After all, making posts about “#TransIsBeautiful because trans is beautiful!” appeared to suggest that Katie was against her decision to become a woman. Billie even had the nerve to “like” a number of tweets that labeled Katie as “transphobic” due to what Billie had insinuated about her.

“You perpetuating and insinuating that I’m any kind of discriminatory person — that is the grossest extrapolation ever!” Katie fired back at Billie for her behavior.

As she walked away from their argument to go find her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, Billie muttered “cis-privilege,” which suggested Katie felt that she was better than her because her gender matched the sex they were assigned at birth.

“Cis-privilege?! Cis-privilege?! F**k that bitch,” Lala Kent said upon hearing Billie’s shocking claims against her co-star.

During a conversation with boss Lisa Vanderpump after her feud with Katie, Billie insisted she was being treated unfairly because she is transgender and vowed to continue to pull her “trans card,” just like Katie continues to “pull her fat card.”

“She’s always crying about her weight, and I’m not allowed to talk about me being trans and not getting invited to a girls night?! I cannot say, ‘Oh, I can’t be trans.’ She can put down the food and do what she needs to do. Her feelings are hurt because someone calls her fat, but my feelings can’t be hurt? She pulls her fat card. I will pull my trans card,” she explained.

In response to Billie’s comments, Lisa told the hostess that she did not agree with the comments she was making about Katie potentially being transphobic and said none of the girls had suggested they were discriminatory.

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