Vin Diesel Sings Rihanna For Valentine’s Day

Ever wonder what Vin Diesel does on Valentine’s Day? Ever daydream about Diesel serenading you in a dimly lit room? If you have, you no longer have to envision this scenario. Vin Diesel made sure all of his fans felt loved on Valentine’s Day, by posting a video to his official Facebook page, of himself crooning away to Rihanna’s new song “Stay.”

Diesel, who is seen lurking in the corner of an unidentified, poorly lit room, sings over Rihanna’s track, while the singer’s music video is projected on the wall next to Diesel. It may just be one of the most awkward, random, albeit romantic videos to hit the Internet in some time.

If you’re a Vin Diesel fan, you’ll enjoy his surprisingly relaxing melodic tone. If you have an ear for music, then you’re bound to find his sudden key change in the middle of the video to be hilarious. Either way, Vin Diesel’s version of Rihanna’s emotional “Stay” is bound to cheer up anyone who’s feeling glum on Valentine’s Day.

Before singing, Diesel gives a shout out to all of his fans, saying, “Happy V-Day, everyone,” before his deep voice sernades his hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans. So far it hasn’t been said exactly why Vin Diesel chose Rihanna’s “Stay” to sing to his fans, but the song sure has taken off since the singer’s Grammy performance. Since the performance the song has also turned up on this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy as well.

What are your thoughts on Vin Diesel’s singing voice? Do you want to hear more of it?