‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Willow Comes Face-To-Face With Baby Wiley

Valerie DurantABC Press

Monday’s episode of General Hospital had Willow Tait spending some alone time with Chase. They are just getting to know each other and the teacher is finally warming up to the detective. She felt guilty for not telling Chase the complete truth about herself. She ended up spilling her secret that the reason she is attending the grieving group is because she gave her baby up for adoption.

Tuesday will see Willow running into Michael at Charlie’s Pub and he is not alone. He will be holding baby Wiley. Of course, General Hospital viewers already know that this is actually Michael’s not-so-dead son, Jonah. However, Willow will see Michael holding who she thinks is the son she gave up for adoption. In the previews for Tuesday, she is seen heading into the new Port Charles hangout and sees Wiley with Michael. Soap Central teases that Willow is taken by surprise and that is exactly the reaction she has in the clip.

Brad will also be there, which is sure to make for an awkward scene. Julian already knows all about Willow and has discouraged her from having any kind of contact with Wiley. Of course, it’s going to be hard to stay away from her son when she is getting closer with Michael Corinthos, Wiley’s godfather. This whole thing is going to blow up soon. Michael will find out that Wiley is his son. Lucas will eventually find out that Brad knew about it and they will both lose their adoptive child. Poor Willow thinks her baby is still alive and she will be shattered to learn that her son is the one who died, not Jonah.

Who will figure it all out first? Now that Chase knows about Willow giving up her baby for adoption, there is a chance that he will put two and two together eventually. If he ever witnesses her reaction when she sees Wiley, that may just be a giveaway. Given that Brad and Lucas have adopted a baby recently and Willow just gave hers up at about the same time, he could put his detective skills to work and figure it out.

Julian will not be too happy to see this whole scenario unfold in front of him. He wants to make sure that Lucas doesn’t lose the child that he has grown to love. Unfortunately, Lucas will be seeing red once again when he finds out that his dad helped Brad keep the secret that the real baby Wiley died in his care.

Willow is obviously torn on the adoption. She knows it’s for the best, but her motherly instincts are taking over every time she sees the baby. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC, so don’t miss a minute of the action.