Maple Syrup Operation Mistaken For Meth Lab [Video]

A maple syrup operation in Anna, Illinois was mistaken for a meth lab. A tip led authorities to the home of Laura Benson, age 49, who was stunned by the accusation.

The 49 year old woman and her family collect sap from maple trees on the property and make their own maple syrup. They have been making their own maple syrup for five years.

The process involves attaching tubes to maple trees. The sap drains into large plastic storage containers scattered throughout the yard.

Benson’s neighbors observed the containers and suspected the family of running a meth lab. They contacted local law enforcement and reported the “suspicious” activity.

As reported by KFVS, when Benson saw law enforcement vehicles in her driveway. Her initial reaction was that her son might be in trouble. The drug enforcement agents explained that neighbors reported a suspected meth lab on the premises. Benson explained that she and her family were running a maple syrup operation, not a meth lab. She showed the agents how the operation works and assured them that they were not in the business of manufacturing drugs.

As reported ABC 7, Benson was shocked, but appreciative, that her neighbors were “alert” enough keep an eye out for criminal activity in the community. She was understanding about the mistake. She extended an open invitation to her neighbors to come over and see how maple syrup is made from tree sap. She even offered to make them pancakes.

The agents investigating the maple syrup operation, that was mistaken for a meth lab, all left with samples of homemade maple syrup.

KFVS12 News