Stassi Schroeder Takes One For The Team In Adorable Instagram Pose With Boyfriend Beau Clark

Nicole WeingartBravo

Stassi Schroeder is turning her back on her hometown—literally. The Vanderpump Rules star poked fun at her fair-weather fandom as she posed in a matching Los Angeles Rams jean jacket with her boyfriend Beau Clark during the Rams NFC championship game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Stassi, who hails from New Orleans, captioned the Instagram pic of the couple’s Rams-logo gear by revealing that she loves her hometown, but she loves her relationship more.

The too-cute pic was met with more than 94,000 likes and a slew of comments, with many fans noting how adorable the Bravo TV lovebirds are together. But others expressed disappointment in New Orleans native Stassi for turning her back on NOLA during the team’s most important game of the season.

“I’m so disappointed! Especially after how TERRIBLE the refs were,” one follower wrote of the controversial game.

Of course, it would be hard for Stassi Schroeder not to be a Los Angeles Rams fan right now, considering Beau Clark, her boyfriend of one year, is a Rams superfan. Earlier this month, Clark posted a photo of him and his reality star girlfriend posing outside of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after a Rams playoff game.

“If she was in labor while the @Rams were in the Super Bowl. Yes. Ughhhh. YESSSS I would leave,” Clark captioned the Instagram post.

Stassi Schroeder’s new romance with Beau Clark is a big change from her past relationships with fellow Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor and on-and-off boyfriend Patrick Meagher. While her previous relationships were filled with drama, Stassi and Beau share a lot of laughter and seem to be best friends. On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi even said she thinks Beau is “the one.”

Beau Clark told the Daily Dish that he initially didn’t think Stassi would be his “cup of tea” after checking out her Instagram profile. But after meeting up with her at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles he changed his tune. The two connected over growing up in the South and eventually became Instagram official last Valentine’s Day.

Stassi Schroeder recently told the Daily Dish that it’s also nice to finally have her family and friends’ seal of approval on her relationship.

“That had never really been a priority for me — obviously, look at my track record — like, what my friends and family thought,” Stassi admitted. “But once I started dating Beau and everyone just organically loved him, I was like, God, this should’ve been number one on my list. It’s so nice to have your friends and family be obsessed with your boyfriend because it just makes life that much easier. It’s like one big family.”

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