Jenelle Evans’ Ex, Andrew Lewis, Seeking Visitation With Son Jace After 9-Year Absence

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is being put in a tight spot this season. The reality star’s former boyfriend, Andrew Lewis, is ready to reconnect with his son, Jace, and Jenelle has to decide whether or not visitation is something she is willing to do with her former love.

According to a report by People Magazine, Jenelle Evans and Andrew Lewis have had a very estranged relationship. Lewis is the father of Evans’ oldest child, Jace, and although he was there for the birth of the boy, he has not been a figure in his life at all and hasn’t made much of an effort to contact him over the past nine years.

However, all of that has changed. Jenelle’s producer reveals to her on the show that Andrew has been in contact with production, and is hoping to have a visit with Jace, which Jenelle seems torn about.

On one hand, Andrew basically abandoned Jace as a baby, but on the other hand, Jenelle knows what it is like not to have a father in her life and wants her son to be able to have a relationship with his dad if that is possible.

“I do feel bad because that’s Jace’s dad, but I know how he is, and I don’t want him to disappoint my son. I don’t want [him] to pop back in and then pop back out. That’s happened to me as a child when my dad did that to me. And I’m not having that happen to Jace,” Jenelle Evans says about the situation.

“I’m just thinking if Andrew even comes into Jace’s life is he going to regularly visit or not? I can’t have him have that disappointment that I had when I was little and I would wait for my dad to pick us up and he would just drive by,” Evans continued to tell her Teen Mom 2 producer.

Meanwhile, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, who currently has custody of little Jace, says that her grandson has asked about his biological father and expressed some interest in him “once in a while.”

It seems that Jenelle’s decision about Andrew and Jace will be a running storyline this season on the show, and fans will have to tune in each week to see how Evans, her son, and her mother react if Lewis does begin to come around.

Fans can see more of Jenelle Evans when Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Monday nights at 9 p.m.