Covington Teens Harassed Women, Reportedly Shouted ‘Slut’ Before Confrontation With Protester, New Video Shows

Zach GibsonGetty Images

At one point on Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., before the incident in which they surrounded and allegedly taunted a Native American protester — an incident that became a controversial viral video later that day — a group of Covington Catholic High School boys harassed a group of young women, shouting at them and even reportedly taunting them with the epithet “slut,” according to a series of posts by one of the women on Twitter late Monday.

The woman also posted a short video on Twitter showing another woman, described as one of the Twitter user’s friends, walking past the group of teens — several wearing the distinctive, red “Make America Great Again” baseball caps that indicate support for Donald Trump — as they shout at her. The Twitter user said that she decided to post the video after numerous media outlets, including Fox News and others, began to claim that the Covington teens seen harassing the Native American protester, Nathan Phillips, were “smeared by mainstream media lies.”

As Inquisitr reported, the teen seen at the center of the video directly confronting Phillips, Nick Sandmann, issued a statement claiming that Phillips instigated the confrontation.

“This video is short because we walked by and were surprised to be yelled at. I took my phone out to send it to my friends back home for a laugh,” the unnamed woman wrote. “I simply could not ignore the media saying they were provoked so I posted it.”

“For those asking the full details, the interaction wasn’t very complicated. We walked by, they started yelling, we asked them how old they were, they replied ‘old enough,’ kept yelling, and we rolled our eyes and kept walking,” she wrote in another Twitter post. “Last thing, for people wondering what they yelled, all we specifically heard was ‘MAGA.’ ‘Build the Wall.’ and some people say they hear ‘slut’ at the end of the video.”

Another, older video from 2012 also surfaced on Monday, showing a group of Covington students at a high school basketball game taunting an opposing player, who is African-American. At least three of the students visible in the video are seen in full-body “blackface” makeup, according to the New York Daily News.

The video was removed from YouTube shortly after its existence was pointed out on social media, but one Twitter user captured a still image from the video.

Donald Trump defended Sandmann and the Covington High teens on Twitter on Monday, echoing the Fox News claim that the boys were “smeared by the media.”