‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Celeb May Have Just Spoiled The True Identity Of The Peacock

Michael BeckerFox

The Masked Singer has taken the world by the hand and led it right into over-the-top absurdity with a bunch of celebrities singing songs while in weird costumes. As judges and the viewers attempt to figure out who they are, Fox is doing whatever they can to keep the identities of the singers a secret. Unfortunately, not everyone follows along with that whole idea and one celebrity actually may have spoiled the identity of the Peacock.

Please note that there are going to be spoilers for The Masked Singer from this point forward. If you’re not entirely caught up or simply don’t yet want to know, you’ll want to stop reading now.

Only three of the identities on The Masked Singer have been revealed as of this writing, but there are more on the way. As recently reported by Inquisitr, there are a lot of similar guesses among everyone on social media, but are they right or even close?

So far, three singers have been unmasked and they are:

  • The Deer – Terry Bradshaw (NFL)
  • The Pineapple – Tommy Chong (actor/comedian)
  • The Hippo – Antonio Brown (NFL)

One of the remaining singers is that of the Peacock, and numerous fans have tried figuring out who he is by the clues and his voice. Some have guessed RuPaul. Others believe it could be Mark-Paul Gosselaar. There are fans who think it could be Harry Connick, Jr. or Joey Lawrence, but Marie Osmond may have spoiled the news of who it really is.

For some reason, this appears to have missed most of the main media waves and is only just making some noise before this week’s episode of The Masked Singer.

On January 8, 2019, Marie Osmond was a guest on Access Live and she began doing a little question-and-answer session with the hosts. Of course, The Masked Singer came up in conversation as everyone believes that her brother, Donny, may actually be the one in the Peacock mask.

As the rumors were brought up to Marie, she stated that she spoke with Donny about the whole situation and asked him, “Why are you giving away such easy clues?” The hosts look a little shocked by that and asked her if she confirmed that Donny Osmond is indeed the Peacock, and Marie said a little bit more.

“I know that we started at NBC…which was the peacock.”

While Marie Osmond’s hints are rather blatant and obvious, it is still possible that the Peacock is not actually her brother on The Masked Singer. The clues are there and the voice sure sounds like Donny Osmond, but would his sister honestly have spoiled his identity that easily? All that fans can do is tune into Fox each week and see if she was telling the truth.