WWE Spoilers: WWE May Have Spoiled A Huge Name For The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class, And Then Fixed It


January is more than halfway over and WWE has still not yet announced the first inductee in the 2019 Hall of Fame class. It could come any day now, but fans already have a general idea as to who may lead the class this year. On Monday, the company revealed that old episodes of Superstars would begin appearing on the WWE Network, and their announcement may have spoiled the biggest inductee of all.

If you don’t want to be spoiled on a big name inductee that may end up in the class for the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame, you will want to stop reading right now. This superstar has been rumored for a while, and this comes close to cementing his spot in place.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is going to take place during the WrestleMania 35 weekend, and it is going to be quite a big event. It is every single year and the class always has one name that stands above the others as the lead superstar.

Ringside News reported that the recent release of episodes of Superstars on the WWE Network came with program descriptions. A number of different names from the past were listed and that included The Undertaker.

As a matter of fact, the description of the show told viewers to “witness Hall of Famers The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and more.” Of course, that’s great to know, but only two of those three are actually in the Hall of Fame, as of now.

The Undertaker would easily lead any class
Featured image credit: WWE

The Undertaker hasn’t been around in quite some time now, but he hasn’t necessarily said that he’s retired for good either. Even if he were to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, that doesn’t mean he has wrestled his last match as he could always return to the ring.

Still, whoever released that preview for WWE Superstars either made a simple mistake or spoiled some huge news for this year. No matter what may have happened, WWE did notice the glaring error and by Monday evening, the mistake had been fixed and the show’s description was changed.

With this description, WWE has Flair, Michaels, and Taker listed as “legends” and not “Hall of Famers.”

It is very interesting that this mistake was made at this time, as this is usually the time in January when the first WWE Hall of Fame inductee is announced. The Undertaker is easily a future Hall of Famer, but is he going to be the lead of the 2019 class? It’s possible this could have been a simple mistake, but then again, it may have been a huge spoiler released far too soon.