‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Jeremy Calvert Denies Peeing On Homeless Man After Making Shocking Video


Jeremy Calvert is seen in a video which seems to suggest he is peeing on a homeless man. However, according to the Teen Mom 2 dad, he never did any such thing and the odd video was nothing more than a failed attempt at being humorous. In fact, Calvert claims there was no pee, or homeless person, involved in the making of the video.

On January 21, Calvert told TMZ he was pretending to urinate in the video but the item he was urinating on wasn’t a person. It was a pile of trash that was made to look like a person.

The video featuring Calvert and his fake peeing first surfaced on social media on Monday after being shot in San Diego, California. In the clip, Calvert appeared to be having a good old time as pretended to pee on the apparent trash bag.

Following the backlash he received online, Calvert made his Instagram page account private. Now, when fans attempt to visit his former page who haven’t been following him in the past, they are unable to see his latest images and videos. Meanwhile, Calvert’s Twitter page is also private and doesn’t include much recent information, aside from links to his Instagram page.

Below is a photo of 5-year-old Adalynn, who Jeremy Calvert shares with his former wife, Leah Messer.

While Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s divorce came amid drug rumors and claims of infidelities, Calvert said during a 2017 Instagram rant, via Ashley’s Reality Roundup, that they’ve learned to co-parent great, despite their messy split.

“Me and Leah, we co-parent great. Our daughter comes first. And she knows that I know that no matter what Addie comes first. For Christ’s sake, quit talking about me and [Leah] getting back together. It is f**king ridiculous…We co-parent fantastic even though MTV never wants to share that,” he explained.

Calvert then took major aim at MTV, claiming that the network wants “negative editing, arguments, fights, and disagreements” so they can make a TV show. He also said that he isn’t able to walk away from the reality series.

“Everybody keeps saying, ‘Oh you can stop filming… at any time you want to.’ No motherf**kers you can’t. You signed a contract. So no you can’t. You don’t know anything about the contract,” he explained.

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