Christie Brinkley’s Daughter, Sailor, Claps Back At Body Shamers

Mark SaglioccoGetty Images

Sailor Brinkley Cook has some strong words for her critics. The 20-year-old daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley took to Instagram to reveal that she won’t let body shaming internet trolls break her. In an emotional post, Sailor, who is Christie Brinkley’s daughter with ex-husband Peter Cook, addressed haters who critiqued her body in the comments section of an article about her, according to Hollywood Life.

Sailor Brinkley Cook said she already knows she has small breasts and doesn’t have “perfect curves.” In a heartbreaking reveal in the now-deleted post, the daughter of Christie Brinkley added that she has long been told that she is “talentless” and “unimportant.”

“I know many believe I will ‘never be as beautiful as my mother’ and that I’m ‘an average boring-looking girl with a terrible body.’ I know all these comments. I’ve heard them from strangers my entire life.”

Sailor said she has heard these hurtful comments her entire life, but she refused to let them tear her down. The blonde beauty, who, like her mom, has made it into the pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, added that she chooses to live her life with positivity. Christie Brinkley’s youngest daughter explained that she is working on being her most kind, caring, loving self, and that she focuses on self-love when she looks in the mirror.

Sailor Brinkley Cook then expressed empathy for cowards who sit behind a computer screen and write nasty comments about her or anyone else, saying she is sorry they are hurting so much that they feel the need to hurt other people with their words.

“I wish you nothing but peace and I really hope you find it in your heart to put that energy you use tearing strangers down, into finding the strength to love YOU and be the positive force we all are capable of being,” the 20-year-old model added.

Sailor Brinkley Cook has been vocal about her body image issues. In 2017, after Sailor posed with her famous mom and half-sister, Alexa Ray Joel, for a family-themed Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, she admitted that she has had body image issues for as long as she can remember. Captioning an Instagram photo of the headline-making swimsuit shoot with her mom and sister, Sailor Brinkley Cook revealed that she “always found something to pick on” when looking in the mirror. The gorgeous model said that she felt too fat, too thin, or too muscular.

“I never felt satisfied. My body and I have been through it all,” Sailor wrote in 2017.

Sailor previously told People that it wasn’t always easy growing up in her famous mom’s gorgeous shadow.

“I grew up looking at these photos of my mom, never thinking that I would ever be able to do that,” she admitted.

Sailor said that while it was difficult enough to be constantly compared Christie, it got worse when she started her own modeling career and was told she would never be like her famous mom. The up-and-coming model revealed that she finally had a breakthrough and began to feel “liberated” about her body, adding that she now knows doesn’t need to be a size zero to feel good about herself.

Last year, Sailor Brinkley Cook had enough confidence to pose completely nude for the all-women In Her Own Words project. Christie’s lookalike daughter revealed that she felt hurt by criticism of the project, which she described as a group of women “taking our power back.”

“This project had the intention of showing women feeling POWERFUL in who they are,” Sailor Brinkley Cook explained. “That’s that. I grew up hating my body and myself thus creating an overlying insecurity felt throughout my teen years. Doing this project helped me turn a leaf in my confidence and insecurity. I feel sexy, I feel secure, I feel bada**, I feel like I can pose naked and be respected just as much as anyone else.”