‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Corinne Olympios Says Demi Burnett Is Trying To Be Like Her

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The Bachelor 2019 is finally showing the personalities of many of the women, including those who are being deemed fan favorites and villains as they compete for Colton Underwood’s love and affection.

According to a report by Life & Style Magazine, Corinne Olympios recently spoke out about one of Colton’s women, Demi Burnett, claiming that the fans’ comparisons of she and Demi are both fair and unwarranted.

“I’m flattered because, clearly, you got the idea to stand out from me, and are clearly trying to be like me, so yes I’m flattered Demi, that is very cute of you. But no, no, you can’t try to be like Corn, it’s either you’re Corn or you’re not. And no one else is Corn but me,” Olympios stated.

As many fans may remember, Corinne was a contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and was over the top with her affection and uncaring of the other girls’ feelings when it came to her time with Nick, saying she would stop at nothing in order to get the attention of the man she was fighting for.

Demi has been much of the same up to this point. She’s been very forward with her affections and has angered many of the women when it comes to her attitude and stealing time with Colton. However, Corinne says the two women are very different.

“We’re two totally different ball games. I feel like she’s doing things to get everyone’s attention, not just Colton’s. I was just being me and doing what I would do for a guy I was dating in real life, and I kind of did things privately or in interviews, but she’s just making a spectacle of herself almost on purpose.”

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During last week’s episode of the show, many of the women got very upset with Demi Burnett when she returned from her one-on-one conversation time with Colton following a group date and grabbed the date rose claiming she was getting it for the night.

The women were said to have felt disrespected by Demi’s joke, and to make matters worse for Burnett, she did not receive the group date rose from Colton, which seemed to anger her.

Fans can see what tricks Demi Burnett and the other women have up their sleeves this week when Colton Underwood returns for the third episode of The Bachelor, which will air Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC.