Ariana Grande Shares Series Of Striking New Instagram Images

Mike CoppolaGetty Image

Ariana Grande got fans excited in a big way on Monday afternoon, as the singer shared several new Instagram posts. The superstar singer has been teasing fans with hints about her upcoming album, and some believe these new images are a sign that it will be dropping sooner rather than later.

All told, Grande posted three Instagram images in the series, each featuring her in the same outfit and makeup. Throughout the photos, the singer is decked out in a sheer white hoodie adorned with pink flowers. Her long brown hair is streaked through with blonde and hangs loosely around her face. Grande sports a nude lip, dramatic black eyeliner, and a striking splash of sparkles across her cheekbones in all the images.

The first image posted was just a hint of things to come, however. It showed just the bottom half of Grande’s face –her eyes and the rest of her head are cropped out — and a hint of her ensemble. The bottom half of the image is entirely white as if blinded by a flash. It had the simple caption “Some pix.”

The second image showed Grande’s full face and hoodie and proved to be wildly popular with fans. The photo pulled in over 1.2 million likes in less than 45 minutes and garnered over 18,600 comments.

The third image, like the one before it, didn’t come with any comments. Instead, it featured another shot of Grande in the same attire from a different angle. The misty white background added a surreal, dreamy effect to the entire shoot — and raised a lot of questions about what Grande has in store for her fans next.

The pop singer was feeling less mysterious on Twitter, where she addressed numerous questions regarding her next album. She confirmed that the cover, tracklist, and pre-order for her next album will all be available this Friday. She also hinted heavily at the official release date for the highly anticipated follow-up to Sweetener, and it may be coming sooner than people had previously suspected.

When one fan said she hoped the album would be released in February for her birthday, Grande responded simply wishing her a happy birthday. Many fans took this as a hint as to the release date — and another fan may have correctly guessed that, as well. When a Twitter user asked if February the 8 was the release date, Grande didn’t or deny — but she did leave a strong hint.

“How convenient,” she answered alongside the emoji for the Vulcan salute from Star Trek. Grande ended her lengthy Twitter question and answer session with a Tweet summing up how busy the past few months have been for her.

“Two albums in six months huh,” she wrote. “That’s deep. Love u. Talk sooon.”