Hailey Baldwin Faces Social Media Backlash After Instagram Post Shows Her Shaking Dog While Dancing

JP YimGetty Images

Hailey Baldwin is in hot water for an Instagram post that shows her jokingly shaking her small dog, leading some to accuse her of animal abuse. The supermodel and wife of Justin Bieber posted the Instagram story on Sunday, and it didn’t take long for fans to question her handling of the tiny pooch.

The Instagram story depicts Baldwin, who goes by her married name on social media, holding her small dog while she dances up and down. As she dances, she shakes the dog to and fro. The caption for post says “don’t worry he loves it,” but according to the Daily Mail, fans were quick to call out Baldwin for her overly enthusiastic dancing and to question whether the little dog was really having a good time.

“The dog is not a toy Hails,” wrote one concerned fan. “Please stop abusing ur dog, ok” another said, cutting right to the chase. And the comments kept mounting up, with fans continuing to post even after the Instagram story was no longer available.

But it seems like the controversy isn’t bothering Baldwin at all. The supermodel has already posted further Instagram stories featuring her dog, including one of him sitting behind the wheel of a car and another of the canine staring wistfully out the window.

Baldwin and Bieber adopted the Maltese Terrier, who they named Oscar, right before Christmas. The tiny dog has made a big splash on both the stars’ social media accounts. Bieber has even gone so far as to refer to Oscar as his “dogson,” showing how devoted he is to the newest addition to their family.

Despite the social media outcry over her Instagram story, it doesn’t look like Baldwin is stressing about what the internet’s up to these days. The supermodel is set to have a big Christian wedding, months after legally tying the knot with singer Bieber in a Manhattan courthouse. And while the first time may have been small and secret, it looks like this time around the couple is going for an all-star gala event.

The wedding, which is set for March, will be an intensely religious affair, with plenty of A-listers in attendance to see the couple tie the knot for the second time. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are already confirmed, as well as Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and plenty more of Baldwin and Bieber’s celebrity pals. There’s no word as of yet on whether their beloved pooch Oscar will be involved in any of the festivities.