Alby Rydes Pictures, Videos Go Viral After Rumors That She Is Iman Shumpert's Secret 'Other Woman'

Alby Rydes is getting some viral attention after the adult film star was identified as the possible "other woman" between Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor --- and still trending even after some denials from all involved.

According to a report from BET, Shumpert and Taylor were alleged to have something of an open marriage in which Alby Rydes was involved --- with both of them. The report noted that Iman is rumored to have fathered a child with the 28-year-old Rydes (who also goes by Alby Ryder). She gave birth late last year.

Just as the rumors were taking off on the internet, Teyana Taylor deleted her Instagram page, sparking even more speculation about Iman's alleged infidelity. But in the hours since then, both women took to social media to deny the reports of the affair.

Teyana told fans that she deleted her Instagram page because she was upset that her label, Def Jam, didn't release the video for her song "WTP." She also offered something of a defense for her husband, though not explicitly denying that he had an affair.

"Iman is not dumb he know I'd kill him," she added (via BET). "End of story."

Rydes then took to social media to offer her own denial, saying that she initially had not planned to respond to the reports, but felt obligated to make it known that Iman Shumpert was not the father of her baby.

"I refuse to entertain fake rumors," she wrote in her Instagram Story.

"Life is too big and time is too short to get caught up in empty drama..BUT to protect my energy i have to respond. Whoever is spread these rumors just now ITS FAKE NEWS AND IT AINT HIS BABY. Yall should be ashamed for creating this negative energy and throwing it around like it wont affect anyone."
The rampant rumors, along with the soft denials from Teyana Taylor, have led to a surge of interest in Alby Rydes, with many taking to social media to find pictures and video of the adult film star. Rydes shares plenty with her more than 500,000 followers in Instagram, including some pictures with her new baby and plenty of updates on her pregnancy.Others shared videos of Alby Rydes, though some were of the not-safe-for-work variety.

Despite both the denials by Teyana Taylor and Alby Rydes, pictures of the adult film star were still trending on Monday as fans tried to get a look at the alleged other woman and learn if she had any public connections to the couple (of which there appeared to be none).