Instagram's 'Russian Kim Kardashian,' Anastasiya Kvitko, Shares Eye-Popping Shots, Flaunts Hourglass Figure

Stacy Carey

Anastasiya Kvitko is known for her extreme hourglass figure and she frequently flaunts it via her Instagram page. The social media model, dubbed the "Russian Kim Kardashian," regularly posts photos showing her bodacious booty and busty profile, oftentimes while wearing bikinis or skimpy swimwear. In several of her latest posts, however, Kvitko is modeling outfits providing a bit more coverage that still show off her famous curves.

Over the weekend, Anastasiya Kvitko donned a pink ensemble that really got pulses racing. The "Russian Kim Kardashian" noted that it was from one of her favorite clothing brands, Fashion Nova, and her fans loved the look. Kvitko shared a pair of photos to her Instagram page and they generated a lot of heat.

The ensemble included a pair of pink leggings and a pink top that Kvitko had pulled down over her shoulders. In both snaps, Anastasiya is sitting near a fireplace and she is barefoot. Her long, dark hair is cascading down her back and she has on a simple bracelet and her signature makeup style.

Kvitko's hourglass figure is highlighted perfectly in the first snap she shared. There's a hint of her plentiful cleavage showing with the way she has the top positioned, and her curvy booty and tiny waist draw attention. Anastasiya's regular social media posts have helped her build a following of 9.5 million people and more than 136,000 of them liked this particular post in just a day.

Kvitko knows how to make sneakers and casual loungewear look sexy, as she did a few days ago in another post, and she often turns to Fashion Nova for these sultry looks. Anastasiya also posted some racy video clips to her Instagram Stories that showed her boarding her flight, flaunting her curves, and teasing what she has coming next.

Anastasiya Kvitko certainly seems to be living the life these days. Over the past few months, she's been in Los Angeles, Miami, Aspen, and Las Vegas, and her Instagram following is steadily building. The "Russian Kim Kardashian" certainly seems to have found a formula that works for building her brand, and her fans cannot wait to see what kind of sultry shot she shares next.