Chrissy Teigen Teaches Daughter Luna How To Cook In Adorable Video Series

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Chrissy Teigen is turning her young daughter, whom she shares with husband John Legend, into a chef. On Sunday evening, the mother of two shared a series of videos to Twitter and Instagram Stories. Those videos would feature her 2-year-old daughter, Luna, helping Teigen cook dinner in the kitchen. The precious videos showed Luna giving her mother some directions on how to season the racks of lamb, proving that the little girl may someday follow in Teigen’s culinary footsteps.

The initial video on Teigen’s Instagram Stories showed Luna wearing a pink princess dress as she poured breading onto two racks of lamb with her hands, Us Weekly reported. When Teigen encouraged her daughter to rub the breading in, Luna defiantly said “Not yet!”

“You’re so helpful,” Teigen added.

In the next video, Luna told her mother to add more soy sauce to the racks, even instructing her when to stop pouring. The little princess wanted to salt the lambs herself, though, which seemed to stress the 33-year-old Teigen out a bit.

Unfortunately, the cooking came to a halt when Luna wanted to add a mystery ingredient found on the other side of the room — and Teigen wasn’t quite sure what her daughter meant. The model-turned-chef tried to suggest rosemary, cheese, peppers, and even bananas — but Luna didn’t want any of those, the Daily Mail reported. The video ended with a sigh from the elder chef. Teigen posted this portion of the series on Twitter, adding that Luna is “tough but she’s fair.”

Later on Twitter, Teigen told followers that she never figured out exactly what her daughter was asking for. Despite the missing mystery ingredient, the cooking show went on, and the end results looked fantastic! Teigen shared a few images and quick videos of the finished meal, which appeared to consist of seasoned lamb and roasted vegetables.

The Teigen-Legend household seemed to have an eventful evening. Earlier on Sunday, Teigen posted footage of Legend attempting to untangle a very messy ponytail and to remove the elastic band for her. Teigen laughed along as he worked. Unfortunately, her husband pulled her hair a few times, resulting in some loud “ouch” shouts.

“This is very difficult,” Legend said, according to People.

Later in the evening, Teigen captured videos of herself watching the lunar eclipse and the supermoon with the family bulldog, Paul. She laid outside in a towel wrap as Paul barked next to her. The mother of two tried to capture close-up videos of the moon changing colors, but ended up just getting a few blurry shots.

“It’s so beautiful, I’m going to cry!” Teigen said.