Playstation 4 Controller: Yet Another Prototype Revealed [Photo]

Playstation 4 controller prototypes are becoming a daily occurrence. Yesterday our very own David Cornell revealed a leaked prototype with a new topside touchpad, and today we have another new PS4 controller to report.

Spotted by a forum user at GameTrailers, the new controller features a similar topside trackpad while adding what appears to be a 3.5mm audio jack that is situated on the side of the controller. The audio jack is located just below the PS button.

The biggest difference between today’s new Playstation 4 controller and yesterday’s appears to be a large touchpad and the new audio jack.

The team at IGN indicated yesterday that the first revealed controller was in fact the real deal. Sony, in the meantime, is not commenting on the controller situation.

Sony will likely unveil its new Playstation 4 gaming console during next weeks PlayStation 2013 event.

Whenever a new gaming console nears, its official reveal many real and doctored leaks show up on the radar.

With Sony hoping to draw a big crowd for next weeks announcement, there is the very real possibility that the gaming manufacturer is allowing real details to leak. However, the question remains — which controller is the real deal?

Here’s yesterday’s Sony PS4 controller leak for comparison:

Sony PS4 Controller

What new features will the new Sony Playstation need to grab your attention? Do you like today’s or yesterday’s prototype more?