‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers And Rumors: Did Newman Ranch Get A Makeover?

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Recently The Young and the Restless spoilers and rumors pointed to a new look for the Newman Ranch, but people are confused since it’s unclear if the set is just another area in the mansion or if it’s an updated version of the living room. Soap vet, Eric Braeden, who portrays the great Victor Newman in Genoa City, recently weighed in on the possible set change.

Braeden is active on Twitter and often interacts with fans and answers questions where he can. He addressed the discussion about the changes in the look of the Newman household on Twitter recently.

In answer to viewers wondering what is going on with the most recent scenes at Newman Ranch, Braeden wrote, “To be honest, I have no clue! I really don’t! MELODY would know! I have not paid attention after it became obvious what former EP HEADWRITER was up to!!”

He further explained in a tweet, “It was the intent of former head writer to diminish the dimensions of everything pertaining to Victor and Nikki! It became shamefully obvious, all the while pretending to care! The original set was torn down by former EP! BBell’s foundation is what made this show!”

He did, however, leave long-time viewers on a positive note replying, “There’s hope yet!!!!”

Eagle-eyed viewers feel that the newest set for the Ranch is intended to be the main room although it seems small and lacks a piano, which is odd since Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) loves to play. Others believe that perhaps it’s a new sitting area off of Nikki and Victor’s bedroom. So far, the show hasn’t released an official explanation or video discussing the new set at the Newman household.

Now that Mal Young is out as the executive producer and head writer at Y&R, viewers hope to see significant changes in the storylines including bringing their favorite veterans back to the forefront with front burner big storylines. Loyal fans also want to see Doug Davidson written back into the script after he was unceremoniously written out without so much as a goodbye, according to a recent Inquisitr report.

For now, Young’s writing is set to air through January and perhaps into February, and once his storylines are over, viewers have plenty of things they wish to happen in Genoa City, and one of those includes a set that is befitting the wealth of Victor and Nikki Newman. Fans do not love seeing them diminished either in their roles or their sets on the show.