Instagram Queen Jen Selter Flaunts Her Derriere And Tiny Waist In Gorgeous NYC Snap

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Fitness guru Jen Selter is known for her stunning physique, especially her impressive booty. She works hard for the figure she has, and she is confident about what she has achieved. While Selter regularly gets her Instagram followers buzzing with photos showing her in bikinis and other revealing outfits, her latest post sees her more traditionally clothed — and it’s still racking up plenty of likes.

On Sunday, Jen Selter shared a gorgeous photo that highlighted the city she loves, as well as her impressive figure. The Instagram shot in question shows Selter standing on an outdoor balcony in New York City, and she noted how much she loves NYC. The gorgeous skyline can be seen in the background, but it seems all eyes are on Jen’s pose.

Selter has built her brand — in part — on her curvy derriere, and most of the photos she shares makes sure to showcase that part of her physique. In this new photo, Jen is wearing knee-high black-heeled boots, jeans, and a long-sleeved black crop top. The fitness guru is being photographed from behind, and she is turned to the side just enough to highlight both her backside and her very slim waist.

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Hellloo from the city that never sleeps ???? #NYC

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Jen has her long dark hair cascading down her back in waves, and she’s smiling as she looks down and away from the camera. She is leaning against a wall, and has one leg bent to further accentuate her derriere — and it makes for an interesting and beautiful shot.

Selter has built a following of 12.6 million followers on the social media site, and they always show up to show their appreciation for her posts. In this case, more than 286,000 liked the post in about 18 hours, and more than 2,000 of them posted comments as well. Jen’s followers collectively praised the fitness model for the style and pose — and noted that she looked magnificent.

The fitness model shares plenty of posts via her social media page, usually showing her healthy eating program and intense exercise regimen. However, she also makes room for relaxing and for fun — and that much was apparent via her Instagram Stories Sunday evening. Selter posted short video clips showing an array of pizzas, and it looks like she was gathered with some friends to watch the football playoff games.

Jen Selter has worked long and hard to build not only the stunning body she showcases, but to create diet and exercise plans that can help others as well. She regularly praises those who have joined her plans via her Instagram page — and based on this latest snap, it’s clear that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to creating an enviable figure.