Kettlebell Workouts For Runners, Beginners, And Anyone In Between

The kettlebell is great piece of equipment for almost any kind of workout. It helps strengthen and tone your core, lower body, and upper body. In fact, both runners and beginners can achieve results by incorporating kettlebells into their daily workouts.

Kettlebell Kickboxing founder Dasha Libin Anderson says that core strength is crucial for anyone.

"Your core is involved in every single movement in your body does – in your workouts and in your life."
Anderson also says that kettlebells are perfect for strengthening your core. The hard part is getting past the awkward shape of this piece of equipment. Anderson explains that there's a reason for the weight's weird shape.
"The odd shape causes the weight to be distributed unevenly, and your core muscles are continuously engaged throughout every motion to control the bell's shifting center of gravity."
Anderson suggests that you should start out with a 15-pound kettlebell. She also suggests that you shouldn't be afraid to go heavier than you normally would. Workouts that you can do with kettlebells include the kettlebell plank, the core stabilizer, the halo, the overhead sit-up and the side sit-up. You can even perform these kettlebell workouts in a full circuit or HIIT training workout.

Want to use kettlebells to mix your cardiovascular workouts with strength training? You'll reap the benefits of both in a shorter period of time, which is a good option for beginners who want to take a break from cardio machines and weight training sessions. The most important step to using kettlebells is to master the swing movement, as explained by fitness blogger George Guerin.

Runners will also find kettlebells beneficial since they're easier to lift than dumbbells and barbells and work multiple muscles at once. Why do runners need to use kettlebells? Ryan Cotton of Vector Kettlebells explains.

"Runners need to focus on exercising the muscles to improve strength, core stability, endurance, balance and overall running power."
Learning how to lift kettlebells will improve your speed, as you burn calories. Cotton also provided five easy exercises for runners to try out.

As previously reported via the Inquisitr, searches for the word kettlebell reached over 200,000 hits. Unfortunately, the reason behind these searches was because of P. Diddy Combs' alleged assault, and not because they want to go to kettlebell bootcamp. This serious workout equipment can also turn into a highly dangerous weapon.

As you can see, working out with kettlebells provides a wide variety of benefits for a wide variety of people. Anyone who wants to incorporate this equipment into their workouts should do siw th a certified kettlebell instructor, as suggested by Guerin. If you can't do so, find a certified instructor in your area. Watching instructional kettlebell videos can be helpful, but it won't replace the need for a certified instructor.

[Image: Kokkarina via Pixabay]