‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Willow Opens Up To Chase, Anna Has Questions About Her Illness

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Monday’s episode of General Hospital has a lot to look forward to, according to the latest spoilers. Viewers know that there’s drama related to Lulu and Ryan ahead, but the sneak peek for the January 21 show indicates that there’s action on several other fronts, too.

As Lulu tries to talk with “Kevin” at her office, General Hospital spoilers reveal that there will be big happenings developing elsewhere in Port Charles, too. Willow and Chase have been slowly building a sweet romance, but viewers know she’s keeping some significant secrets from him. It looks as if she’ll be feeling anxious over this — and she may be ready to open up to him about her past.

Willow will tell Chase that she doesn’t want to pretend anymore, and that there are some things she’s kept from him. Of course, viewers shouldn’t expect to see Willow tell Chase everything about how she placed a baby for adoption with Brad and Lucas after being pressured by Julian — and that she can’t help but stay close to Michael, as the man she thinks is her baby’s godfather.

However, Willow may at least open up about having been pregnant — and about placing the baby up for adoption. There is little doubt that Chase will be supportive and understanding with this, and he’s known that she’s been dealing with a loss of some sort. General Hospital spoilers hint that this conversation will bring the two closer, but they still face big challenges down the road.

Also on the baby-related front, General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will want to talk with Lucas about Wiley’s future. Michael, as the baby’s godfather, may want to discuss setting up a trust fund or something of that nature. Fans are anxious for Michael to learn that “Wiley” is really baby Jonah, but that revelation won’t emerge quite yet.

Anna’s sight has been restored thanks to her surgery, but questions continue to linger. She’ll be anxious to figure out how she got the virus that caused the blindness — and General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a bigger mystery on the way with this virus issue.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Kim will open up to Liz during Monday’s show as she struggles to cope with Oscar’s prognosis, while Oscar and Josslyn will do their best to live out their bucket list. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers reveal that they’ll quickly run into trouble.

Viewers can also expect a tense confrontation involving Ava and Lucy during Monday’s show, and banter involving Laura and Curtis — as well as Carly and Sonny. Obviously, the big piece of Monday’s show that viewers are anxious to see involves Lulu’s fate at Ryan’s hand, and General Hospital spoilers hint that he’ll end up getting ahead of himself, perhaps, and making some mistakes.