January 21, 2019
Alec Baldwin Surprised By Celebs Who Can't Spell

In an incredibly funny highlight reel, Alec Baldwin is caught off guard when celebrity guests on ABC's Match Game reveal that they cannot spell at all.

It appears that these celebs may not have been spelling bee stars back in school. Even actress Raven-Symone admits that she can't spell well. When she learned she would be appearing on the show, she said, "I gotta spell sh*t?"

Celeb contestant Joel spelled Kain wrong (Cain), prompting fellow celeb contestant Caroline to turn around in her seat and ask him where he went to school at.

"I don't speak Canadian," Joel said.

Raven-Symone had everyone cracking up when she admitted she didn't think she spelled the word "neighbor" correctly. Celeb contestant Oliver was sitting next to her and as he peeked over her shoulder, his response was hysterical.

"It's so wrong, so wrong," he said laughing.

Another celeb contestant, Tyler, said it's his "worst fear come true" that he spelled something wrong in the game. Turns out he did.

The always calm and classic Jane Krakowski meant to spell munchkins, but spelled it "munchins." Fitness had a hilarious explanation for what he did.

"Since I can't spell gynecologist, I just wrote doctor," he said.

Raven-Symone called out for assistance when she was cornered by everyone about her comical spelling of the word neighbor.

"Siri help me!" she shouted.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias spelled spatula "spachula" and had Baldwin cracking up.

On ABC's Match Game, contestants are trying to win $25,000 in the hopes of matching celebrities' answers in a game of fill-in-the-missing-blank.

People shared an exclusive, never-before-seen montage clip from Season 4 where the stars have everyone cracking up.

"I'm a millennial," Raven-Simone said. "I do spell check!"

Spelling just isn't the subject for everyone. Social media clearly indicates who needs spell check, such as Amber Rose.

"They say when u have alotta indigestion while pregnant that means ur baby has alotta Hair....This boy betta have hair down 2 his butt ;-)" Amber Rose tweeted once.

Actor Charlie Sheen had a minor whoopsie in one of his tweets, too.

"No UK? Say's who," he tweeted.

Chris Brown might have been in a hurry or truly doesn't know the difference between you're and your. Who knows?

"The hardest part about being Chris Brown is actually realizing your him!" he tweeted.

Carrie Underwood once shared with Taste of Country that she "can't stand it" when celebrities can't spell. Even though she's a country music superstar, she actually graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern State University with a communications degree.

"I can't handle it when celebrities can't spell or don't know the most basic grammar. That might be because I'm an English nerd," she confessed.