Charlie Sheen Pays For Therapy Dog In Generous Gesture

Charlie Sheen wired $10,000 to pay for the therapy dog needed by a 15-year-old Florida girl.

The actor made the generous donation to help the teen recuperate from a tragic accident she suffered at an amusement park in 2010. After learning of Teagan Marti’s need for a therapy dog for her rehabilitation, Sheen quickly sent money to help the family.

According to The International Science Times, Teagan sustained severe injuries during the accident at Extreme World, an amusement park in Wisconsin. Malfunctioning safety equipment caused the teenager to plunge 100 feet from the ride she was on.

Fracturing her spine and pelvis, Teagan required months of costly physical therapy. She learned to walk again with the aid of a walker, but her continuing rehabilitation is no longer being covered by insurance.

An article by The Associated Press writes that the Marti family is facing a financial crisis. A divorce and mounting medical bills have led to a foreclosure on their home. Julie Marti, the girl’s mother, worried about her daughter’s future recovery.

The family found unexpected help from Charlie Sheen, who offered to pay for the therapy dog needed to keep Teagan on the right track. The actor heard about the family’s hardship from a friend of his godfather.

Although the estimated costs for the therapy dog and it’s training came to roughly $6,000, Sheen added an additional $4,000 to his donation to cover any additional expenses.

The actor told The Associated Press:

“I like to pay it forward. People come into your orbit for a reason. You don’t always know what that is ahead of time, but if I ignore these requests then I don’t have any opportunity to see where these things lead us, or lead me.”

What do you think of Charlie Sheen’s offer to pay for Teagan’s therapy dog?