It’s art, don’t you know: A microwaved Xbox 360 for $31,000

Some dude has microwaved his Xbox 360, thereby creating what he optimistically describes as “a piece of game system microwaving history.”

I’m not sure game system microwaving history is especially rich, but whatever. This cooked console is now on Ebay, for only $31,002; an absolute snip compared to this $1 million Xbox. Below you can watch a video of how he did it, with the help of a giant robot built from microwaves (no, seriously).

It’s covered in prosthetic eyes, and features some kind of tail, and a very phallic… well, something very phallic where the hard drive should be:

Quick A Microwaved Xbox 360 for 31000 bottom

50% of the proceeds will be donated to “CAIR-CA, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, California,” and even though I shouldn’t have to point this out, this is a non-functional console. I know, I know, not all at once, please.

If you’re interested and far too rich for your own good, he’s also selling a microwaved PS3 for $27,178, and a Wii for just under $6,000.

[Ebay, via HotBloodedGaming]