Spoilers For Episode 3 Of ‘The Bachelor’: ‘Test Of Strength’ Date Brings Intensity, A Bombshell & Heavy Hearts

Rick RowellABC

The Bachelor spoilers for Episode 3 airing Monday night tease that one group date will be all about strength for both Colton Underwood and his ladies. New teasers about that group date have emerged and it looks like hearts will be pounding during this one.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, this date is set up as a “Strongest Woman Challenge” and viewers will see actor, comedian, and former football player Terry Crews along with his wife Rebecca King-Crews popping up to help. ABC shares that Terry and Rebecca will be coaching a workout session for the bachelorettes on this date and then they face several intense competitions.

The eight ladies will face off during a “ring flip,” a “limo pull,” and a “cake push,” and then three women who succeed in the earlier challenges will compete in a “heavy heart” battle. One woman will end up with a trophy at the end of all this exertion, but will she get the group date rose?

ET Online’s Lauren Zima was on-hand for this date as it was filmed and she’s shared a handful of Bachelor teasers about it via her Instagram page. She details that the outing was all about the women showing their strength and viewers will be seeing a shirtless Underwood along the way as well.

The bachelorettes who end up on this particular group date include Cassie Randolph, Tayshia Adams, Onyeka Ehie, Sydney Lotuaco, Catherine Agro, Nina Bartula, Caitlin Clemmens, and Nicole Lopez-Alvar. The Bachelor spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve note that comedian Fred Willard will be involved in this date too, and the women will be challenged to do a lot of physical challenges including pushups, pullups, and situps.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that Catherine, Onyeka, and Sydney end up being the final three ladies who face off during the last battle. Onyeka is said to win, but she doesn’t end up with the group date rose. Instead, fans will apparently see Nicole get that rose.

There is an after party for everybody after the physical daytime portion of the date. The Bachelor spoilers tease that there’s a bombshell of some sort when Colton leaves the ladies stunned with a sudden decision. It sounds as if that probably refers to his decision to eliminate Caitlin during the after party, seemingly because he didn’t see a future with her.

Episode 3 also has another group date, a cute date for “cougar” Elyse Dehlbom, as well as a pool party and some drama between beauty pageant ladies Hannah Brown and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Three more ladies are said to be eliminated at the rose ceremony and spoilers hint that the women will get feisty as they try to ensure they each get a rose.

How intense will the competition get during this group date? Will a frontrunner for Colton Underwood’s final rose emerge yet? The Bachelor spoilers hint that things will get wild as this season plays out and fans are already buzzing about how things are going.