‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix Reacts To Plastic Surgery Rumors

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Ariana Madix has been faced with tons of plastic surgery rumors of late but according to her, the reason behind her new look isn’t a new procedure.

During an interview with E! News, the Vanderpump Rules star opened up about looking different and said that while she hasn’t gone under the knife as of yet, she has gained “over 20 pounds” since she began starring on the Bravo TV reality show years ago.

“Did @Ariana2525 have something done to her face? Looks different,” a social media user recently wrote.

“No,” Madix explained.

“I don’t think it needs attention but I’ve gained over 20 pounds since I started the show first season,” Madix continued to E! News. “I’m constantly being told that I got filler in my cheeks and I’m very self-conscious about having like a chubby face and I’ve always wanted an angular jawline and an angular cheekbone so when people say that, I don’t think you guys realize how rude you’re being.”

According to Madix, her online critics are literally pointing out that she’s gained weight in her face and she finds that quite upsetting. That said, because she is a TV personality, she acknowledged that she’s been faced with the ups and downs of fame since “day one.”

“What are you going to do?” she wondered.

Although Ariana Madix has not gone under the knife, she has tried lip injections, which is pretty standard for the Vanderpump Rules cast.

“Brittany is the only one who has never tried it. It lasts 3 months and then it’s gone unless you get it again. It’s really not that serious. Mine was gone by September. Its all gonna be ok,” Madix told a fan on Instagram last month, per Inquisitr.

In other Ariana Madix news, the longtime reality star is currently going strong with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval, who recently opened new bar TomTom, with Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, and Tom Schwartz, in West Hollywood, California.

While the couple is quite happy together, Madix made it clear during an episode of Watch What Happens Live last week that she was still not open to the idea of starting a family with Sandoval. As many other cast members of Vanderpump Rules, including Lala Kent and Scheana Marie, spoke about becoming moms, Madix said she will never have children of her own.

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