Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Abs And Curves While Heading To Workout In Miami

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez will be 50 in just a few short months and although she isn’t hitting the stage as much these days, she’s making it clear she still doesn’t miss a beat. According to Radar Online, the famed singer/actress was recently spotted in Miami, Florida on her way to the gym.

It has been reported that Jennifer Lopez was accompanied by her boyfriend, former MLB star Alex Rodriguez. The two have started the year off in a very healthy way often seen heading to the gym. As expected, the two tend to turn heads because of their celebrity statuses but this time around, J-Lo caught the attention of fans all by herself. The 49-year-old was seen wearing a ponytail, sunglasses, a white crop-top, and grey workout pants that complimented impressive abs and curves.

The stunning photos have begun circulating on social media and Jennifer Lopez’s fans have wasted no time complimenting her on her striking looks and amazing figure. A series of photos and even a short video of Jennifer Lopez’s trip to the gym have gone viral on social media. The latest reports about J-Lo follow a string of reports about one of her recent Instagram posts.

A couple of days ago, Jennifer Lopez decided to join fans by participating in the 10-year challenge on social media. Like millions of others, J-Lo shared two side-by-side photos of her self to show the 10-year difference in her appearance. The 2008 photo captured a heavily pregnant J-Lo and the 2018 photo highlighted J-Lo’s stunning bikini body.

Check out J-Lo’s Instagram below.

In a short period of time, Jennifer Lopez’s 10-year challenge went viral. Some fans were stunned to see how well J-Lo has maintained over the years but most weren’t surprised.

It’s no secret Jennifer Lopez has always taken her health very seriously. As a professional dancer and performer, fitness has been a big part of J-Lo’s career. During a previous interview with Hello magazine, Jennifer Lopez discussed the importance of self-care and why working out has always been a priority.”I am 100 percent convinced that workout out is park of what makes me so happy,’ she told the publication.

“I really believe that when you take care of yourself and work to stay healthy, you’re better able to take care of those you love. So working out is definitely a priority for me.”

Jennifer Lopez’s latest photos show how passionate she is about her health.