Actress Rebecca Lim Encourages Young People To Step Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Thirty-two-year-old actress Rebecca Lim wouldn’t typically describe herself as a bold person. She’s not one for crazy adventures and is admittedly more reserved in nature. However, her shyness has never held her back from securing a successful career. In 2019, she aims to step out of her comfort zone and try out new things. She hopes that by shedding her own insecurities, she can encourage other young people to do the same, according to CNA Lifestyle.

Unlike others her age, Lim has no desire to try out risky activities like sky diving or bungee jumping.

“I’m a bit scared of heights as well, which a lot of people don’t believe. When I’m not working, I just really want to stay at home and lie on my bed,” she admits. But when it comes to work, she doesn’t hold back. With unfamiliar roles and daring photoshoots, she has no choice but to adapt to the situation.

Her latest role in the HBO crime drama, The Bridge, required Lim to portray a character with a personality much unlike her own. She played the role of a daring cop with a dangerous job. The actress stepped up to the plate when asked to do stunts that left her with bruises, cuts, and strained muscles. Still, she enjoyed the challenge and felt herself growing as an actress.

“It was really about getting out of your comfort zone, and I think that’s when you really grow as a person,” she said.

In 2019, Lim will be taking on the role of a character skilled in martial arts. The actress doesn’t consider herself particularly skilled in the athletic department, but is undaunted by the task at hand.

“I’m just trying to my best to at least look good while doing it. I’ll be a Zumba coach who does mixed martial arts and competes in wushu competitions – it’s completely not me,” she said.

Aside from her acting goals, Lim also has dreams of starting an acting school for children. Her career has carried her throughout the world where she has been able to experience a variety of cultures and languages. She knows firsthand how difficult it can be to pick up a new language, especially one you’re not interested in.

“I lost interest in Mandarin when I was a student because I had a really boring teacher. So I can hopefully teach kids in a fun way that would make them interested in it and make them good at it,” she said.