‘BuzzFeed’ Journalist Insists Bombshell Report Is ‘Accurate’: ‘We Are Standing Behind It’

Drew Angerer Getty Images

One of the journalists who penned the explosive BuzzFeed report claiming that Donald Trump had directed his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower deal insists that the story is “accurate,” according to Newsweek.

Anthony Cormier, who wrote the story along with along with reporter Jason Leopold, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources to insist that he has “further confirmation” that the report is “accurate.” The bombshell report published earlier this week had created shockwaves in Washington, with legal experts saying this was the most tangible proof of Trump having obstructed justice. But the furor soon came to an abrupt end when Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which has rarely released statements during its time investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, called the report “not accurate”.

Cormier, however, says that both journalists and the publication are standing right behind the story.

“I have further confirmation that this is right. We are being told to stand our ground. The same sources that we used in that story are standing behind it, as are we.”

“This is going to be borne out. This story is accurate.”

The report, published on Tuesday, drew massive attention as experts said it was the clearest sign yet of Trump having obstructed justice. Analysts were quick to draw comparisons, saying similar kind of charges led to the downfall of two previous U.S. presidents — Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. But Special Counsel Mueller’s rebuttal, calling the report “not accurate,” left many wondering about the veracity of the report. It also helped Donald Trump and his associates paint BuzzFeed as a non-credible news site which he deems a proponent of “fake news.”

But BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith said he was standing right behind his journalists and the story, claiming he was “eager to understand” what it was exactly that Mueller found inaccurate about the report.

“You know, we’re confident in the story and we are — and I think he we also do think while there is right now and understandably a focus on the media story, the important story is about the relationship between the Trump administration and Russia,” Smith said.

BuzzFeed has continually published accurate reports about the Trump-Russia investigation in the past but has found itself disliked by Donald Trump supporters ever since it published the Steele dossier, an extensive document detailing Trump’s relationship with Russia which is believed to have been funded by Hillary Clinton as part of opposition research during the 2016 presidential elections.